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Is it time to get a new card?

If your debit or credit card is expiring next month, you have choices.

If you have a designer, personalized or community card or want one, please stop by the credit union sometime the month preceding your card's expiration date and get a new card. For example, if your expiration date is 12/14, you would need to get your replacement card in November. Take a look at our selection of Designer Cards.

To receive the default card, do nothing. We will order a new card for you that you will receive a couple weeks before your old card expires. Follow the instructions on the card to activate it. Be sure and destroy your old card.

Why is my new card flat?

We've made the switch to flat cards. Card regulations don't allow for imprinters that use the embossed characters any longer. Flat cards last longer and are less expensive. They are also easier to personalize!

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