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If you have never accessed your First Education account online, you will need to contact us during regular business hours to get enrolled.

If you used our previous online access system, please follow these instructions for first time access to NetTeller. Your old User ID and password are not used by NetTeller!

Enter the following information in the Online Access box on the left side of our home page:
User ID/Account: FE (must be capitalized) followed by your account number.
Password: FE (must be capitalized) followed by the last four numbers of the primary account owner's social security number.

Example: If your account number is 123456 and your social security number is 987-99-7654, you would enter the following:

User ID/Account: FE123456
Password: FE7654

You will then be required to choose a new password. When it asks for Current Password, enter the FE followed by the last four numbers of the primary account owner's social security number, not your password from the old system.

We also strongly recommend you change the User ID to something more user friendly for you and which does not contain your account number. You can also establish a Security Question, Security Answer and email address. This will allow you to reset a forgotten password without contacting the Credit Union. All of this can be under the SETTINGS tab.

NOTE: Your User ID must START with a letter, be at least six characters in length and consist of only LETTERS and NUMBERS. Special characters are not allowed. We strongly recommend it not contain your account number, date of birth or other confidential information.

Please, call a Member Service Representative for additional assistance or questions.

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