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Whether its due to a data breach, a lost card or just a new expiration date, we know what a hassle and how time consuming changing your card information can be. This is why we are excited to tell you about a new product we’re introducing to our members. Meet Setit Credit, the mobile app that helps you keep track of all the places you store your First Education debit and credit cards.

Use the Setit Credit app to keep card information current on all of your favorite retail and subscription websites. Whenever a card is replaced, Setit Credit makes it easy for you to update all those sites with the new details in just a few clicks. Click here for a short video demonstration of the app.

It’s easy to get started! Search for the Setit Credit app in the App Store or on Google Play. Download and install the app, and off you go.

To see which Setit Credit vendors are currently set up on your First Education cards, sign in to NetTeller, click the Services tab and then click Setit Vendor Summary. More vendors are being added all the time.

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