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Account access where you need it, when you need it.

AirTeller Mobile Banking makes it easy to bank securely wherever you are and on the go. This convenient, secure service that lets you access your account information and conduct financial transactions from any web­-enabled wireless device. There are different ways you can do this, depending on your device.


Provides anywhere access to your accounts via any web-­enabled cell phone.

1. Download AirTeller, our free smartphone app:

A. For Android, look for AirTeller or First Education in the Play Store. Click here to download now. Or search for AirTeller or First Education in the Play Store.

B. For iPhone and iPad, search for AirTeller or First Education in iTunes.

2. Without an App, you can go to our home page,, and login to NetTeller just as if you were using your personal computer or laptop. You may need to magnify your view.

With AirTeller you can check balances, view transaction history, transfer money within your account, make loan and credit card payments, and pay your bills via Bill Pay. And, you can transact anytime, anywhere. All you need is Internet access.



Provides basic information on your accounts quickly with a simple text message. Convenient for those who do not have smart phones.

You must first have access to NetTeller to sign up for AirTeller.


Ready to Start? How to activate Mobile Services


What is AirTeller?

AirTeller is a small software application that resides directly on your mobile phone. With AirTeller, you can perform the most important functions of our computer­-based online banking, NetTeller.

What Services are Available?

An AirTeller user can perform the majority of tasks you would perform on your personal computer. These include the ability to view account balances, view transaction histories, and transfer funds within your account. AirTeller also gives you secure messaging that connects directly to First Education. All terms and conditions applicable to NetTeller apply to AirTeller.

How is Security Handled?

128 bit encryption -­ This means that neither the wireless carrier, nor anyone else, is able to infringe on the consumer’s wireless signal. It will also be impossible for anyone to decipher information sent to the phone. The secure messaging is not accessible from outside First Education’s server, and is thus immune to spamming, spoofing or phishing.

 Secure login information is not stored on the device ­ – If you lose your phone you do not have to worry about deactivating your phone.

● Automatic logout due to inactivity  ­- If the application is inactive for 5 minutes or the application is closed; it will time out and require that you log back in.

● Exact same account lockout procedures as internet banking ­ – After 3 incorrect login attempts, you will have to reset your password.

● Account masking ­ – Account numbers are truncated to only display the last 4 digits.

What if I Lose my Phone?

Change your NetTeller password immediately. That way, even if your password is known by the person who finds your phone, or if you have saved your password on the phone (we recommend against this!) it will not work. Report the loss to your phone carriers and ask them to disable the old phone. As always, whenever there is a possibility of unauthorized access to your account, you should watch your account closely so you can detect unauthorized transactions quickly and report them to us.

If I Have Nicknamed my Accounts, will the Nicknames Transfer to AirTeller?

Yes, nicknames will transfer from NetTeller (online banking) to AirTeller.

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