Take Control for a Better Financial Future

By taking control, you can start your brighter financial future today.

Control Your Savings

  • Maintain an emergency fund of at least three months of living expenses.

  • Take advantage of automatic paycheck deductions and flex-spending plans.

  • Increase your 401(k) contributions every time you get a raise.

Control Your Spending

  • Never buy anything on impulse and comparison shop whenever possible.

  • Keep cash in your wallet to a minimum.

  • Eat at home and plan dinner menus in advance.

  • Ignore the temptation to keep up with the Joneses.

  • Don’t pay monthly service fees for your checking account.

  • Reconsider costly habits like smoking, coffee, fast-food and lottery tickets.

  • Don’t overspend on gifts.

  • Review all recurring expenses like insurance, subscriptions and memberships.

Control Your Accounts

  • Review your credit card/ account statements monthly.

  • Avoid the use of payday loans to cover temporary financial shortfalls.

  • Regularly check your credit report for errors, signs of fraud and identity theft.

  • Open your bills when you get them and pay them on time.

  • Read contracts before signing them.

Things to Remember

  • Create a budget that includes savings goals.

  • Admit your money mistakes and work to correct them.

  • Occasionally reward yourself.